Strokechamber - 204 Early Winter by Gauphastus

Map Description:

I felt like doing something with a fort based on or around a bottomless pit, expanding the hole and branching off with small rooms for workshops and other things.

I still have a bit of work to do, such as finishing the pit digging, and then channeling away all the unwanted rock at the edges.
I plan on using only constructed floors with the central up/down stairway in a + shape.

Point of Interest: Main hall center

This is where the magic happens. Sorta.
Well, not really.

It took a long time to dig this place out. This is why I embarked with three miners.
I was debating leaving it as a circular shape and dedicating each floor to a couple of workshops or amenities.
Too late now! Maybe I'll reuse this map and try that after the next update.

God, I want that update. - Gauphastus

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Submitted by: Mzbundifund - 2009-04-09 to 204 Early Winter

I want that update too. I like how you've circle-fied the pit, I would imagine trash disposal is pretty easy, living over a giant pit, although I would be paranoid about cave-spider bites.

Submitted by: sonerohi - 2009-04-09 to 204 Early Winter

Nice fort there. I see your usin mah map, eh? My first use of it I tried to make something this spectacular, but it came nowhere near close to this beauty. A truly dwarven work right here, keep it up man.

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