Pickquills - 204 by HSZeg

Map Description:

So once again, I got lured away from my previous fortress by trying out something new.

This one is an attempt to make something a little less blocky. And based around a bottomless pit.

Also, its been so long since I played with immigrants, I'd forgotten how rediculous it is. This fort is 3 years old and is over 100 dwarves. And I haven't dug a single bedroom yet. And the Dungeon Master has just turned up. Thank god I haven't done enough to get the Baron and all that lot yet...

Point of Interest: Meeting Halls

Meeting hall and temporary bedding. The mayor is currently in the top, empty meeting hall... and probably will be joined by the dungeon master too for a while. - HSZeg

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Submitted by: Phazer - 2009-04-07 to 204

like youre cave style or it least look like a cave complex, anyway good job and good luck with the fort

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