Trumpettreaties - 110 Late Spring by Leetsepeak

Point of Interest: Trade Depot

This is a pretty good spot for the initial map zoom default, see. :) - Stromko

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Submitted by: Stromko - 2009-04-07 to 110 Late Spring

I've got a few suggestions:
1. You might want to consider a wider hallway going to the trade depot. It's true that it will take forever for an invading squad to path through that narrow hallway, but the same is true for your dwarves!
The narrow hallway for the bedrooms is probably fine, so long as you don't have too many dwarves living in that section. If you have more than ten dwarves trying to go back and forth in a 1-tile wide hallway their work will pretty much grind to a halt.

2. When you post a fort here you should consider making a Point of Interest somewhere in your fort and setting it as the default view. That way we can locate your fortress quickly instead of having to track it down :)

3. You need to smooth over those boulders to the east of your trade depot, otherwise caravan wagons won't come. If you can remove any boulders in a 3-wide section all the way to the brook, then caravans will have no trouble getting to your fort.

4. What's that carpenter doing way north of your fort along the brook? Is he drinking or fishing? You might want to go into orders, Zone Orders, and set zone-only drinking and fishing, then designate that little section of brook inside your walls as the Drinking and Fishing zone. That way, dwarves won't leave your defenses to go fish or take a drink.

If he's trying to put something in a stockpile and you don't want him to, make sure to go into orders and find the panel where can Forbid death and death items. Everything on that panel is usually set forbidden in my fortress, then I manually reclaim anything I want them to bring in. Also, turn off Remains in your refuse stockpile, or turn off 'gather refuse from outside' if you have cats and they're constantly killing butterflies out in the wilderness and your dwarves keep trying to place them in your refuse stockpile. It happens. Silly dwarves and their butterfly collections...

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