Angelstorm - 208 Late Spring by WorMzy

Map Description:

My second fortress on this world, Sediltogal (Angelstorm). Rallolum (my first fortress on this world) fell victim to the fatal error "nemesis unit load failed", so I abandoned that fortress and came here. I then suffered the same error at the first caravan, so I researched the error and found out the fix. I'd have gone back to carry on Rallolum, but that fortress was devoid of fuel (aside from charcoal). Ironically, this map appears to be plentiful in fuel, but doesn't have any metal ore. Surely the dwarven gods jest!

Hopefully I'll find some ore when I start sending out exploratory miners.

Point of Interest: Main Entrance

( 205 → 209 Early Winter )

This is where the main entrance is. It's not particularly secure, but it will be once I get around to making the bridge/pit combo. - WorMzy

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Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-03-31 to 209 Mid Spring

Do your people ever complain of noise while sleeping? It looks like the workshops right above the bedrooms would be a bad thing, but I'm just curious...

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-03-31 to 209 Mid Spring

Nope, all they complain about is flies and occasionally miasmas; and they get plenty of happy thoughts from eating in the legendary dining room and admiring the "completely sublime tastefully arranged Statue" to counter those. ;)

Submitted by: Phazer - 2009-04-01 to 209 Mid Spring


Gigantic stockpiles you got there.

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-04-01 to 210 Mid Spring

Alright, I got where your dining room is, but where is your awesome statue, and what value is it? Is it right behind the Dining room? And what are the values of the statues around it? I'd love a specific POI with lots of details.

(There is something disturbing about mathematically calculating happiness, but this game makes it alright.)

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-04-01 to 210 Mid Spring

Yeah, the statue is behind the dining room. It's just a masterful Dolomite statue, worth 600. I've shared the statue PoI from 209. The other statues are mostly lower quality, but some are the same.

In my last fortress I had an artifact statue in the main hallway. Hopefully someone will create one here too.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-04-02 to 210 Mid Spring

Those 'fish' look more like vermin to me.

Vermin can teleport.

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-04-03 to 210 Mid Spring

Nah, they were definitely fish; there was a char and a couple of brook lamprey if I remember correctly. :)

Submitted by: Tiogshi - 2009-09-11 to 213 Late Autumn

Re: your "ineffective" spikes; to make them extremely potent, hook them up to an automatic alternator like

When the switch throws, the spikes retract. When it throws again, they extend, doing damage to anything on them. With a good, fast repeater, this will ventilate most anything in very short order.

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