Throatpunch - 1063 Early Summer by Noble Digger

Map Description:

One of my very old forts, over a year old. I lost this save in a hard drive crash, but it stands here for all to see.

There are many legendary stories about this fort, including the legendary child Meng who became mayor and governed the fortress up to its horrible catastrophe deep within the mines, which killed 60+ dwarves.

The survivors, mostly children and farm workers, would have much to engrave about when I eventually drained the volcano and allowed them to smooth its insides.

Point of Interest: 05. The Central Stairs

( 1063 Early Summer → onwards )

I have long enjoyed having a central stairwell umbilical connecting all levels of my fortresses. This one was no different, though nobody fell down these stairs in a fit of madness.

...Not that I saw, anyway.

C'mon in to Throatpunch! - Noble Digger

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Submitted by: Katsuun - 2009-03-24 to 1063 Early Summer

I find this fortress to be epic.

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