The Stones of Tunneling - 203 Early Spring by Aldaris

Map Description:

A year onwards, found the river, and HFS, and doing well. On the other side, a kobold managed to run off with an artifact crown, may casue tantrumming...

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Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-03-16 to 203 Early Spring

Looking good so far.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-03-16 to 203 Early Spring

I can just imagine that kobold wearing a crown slightly too big for his head wonky in some grotty cave showing off to all his mates.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2009-03-16 to 203 Early Spring

Yeah, haha.

Submitted by: InsanityPrelude - 2009-03-17 to 203 Early Spring

Depot method?

Submitted by: Aldaris - 2009-03-23 to 203 Early Spring

Build a depot somewhere, press D, any farther than 3 Z-levels from the surface will be flashing red, areas that are completely black contain a feature. Like HFS, Magma, Chasm, river, etc.

Oh, and I have a rpoblem with parkbulders falling into the chasm...

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