Tomeheaven - 77 Early Spring by Razin

Map Description:

Welcome, messenger. I'm afraid this year your report will be less exciting then last year's but feel free to look around.

Point of Interest: Warrior's Memorial

( 77 Early Spring → onwards )

You may have noticed a group of statues on your way in, depending which path you took through the forest. Oh, you missed it? Well, had you come from the north-west, you would have seen these statues. This marks the first battle to take place on our new home. In Mid-Autumn of last year (76), the caravan from the mountianhome was ambushed by the filthy Green Menace, you may have heard about it back in the city.

Be the time our lookouts spotted it, the trio of goblin bowmen and a horde of wrestlers had butchered most of the civilians. The brave caravan hammerdwarves managed to break the cowards' resolve and forced a rout, though the few that survived were mortally wounded. By the time we got there, there was but one surviving dwarf, and his mule. It took a while to get the story from him, as he had gone quite mad. Our would-be rescuers ended up being witnesses to his wedding (to his mule, who also seemed to have lost it's mind).

After salvaging what we could (we desperately needed the animals and supplies we had ordered from them the year before), we decided something should be done to honor the brave soldiers who drove the goblins away from our home. These statues were commissioned to do just that. Admittedly, they're rather plain, as our mason was still learning his trade. Though if he asks, tell him it does indeed look like three armored dwarves killing a green goblin. He's a rather sensitive lad. - Razin

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-03-15 to 76 Mid Spring

Construction is well underway, I'm sure the queen will be pleased with news of its progress. A warning has been issued that staircases built on successive levels can be hazards for dwarves who may slip, or be pushed, from the top; as such my forts employ either a central spiral stair, or a succession of alternating up/down stairs.

Good work defending the hillside, its always challenging trying to close the holes around a mountainhome when your back is against a rolling hillside.

Submitted by: Jurph - 2009-03-16 to 78 Early Spring

I like the emphasis on diamonds in construction as opposed to the more traditional squares and rectangles. Very cool!

Submitted by: Razin - 2009-03-16 to 78 Early Spring

Thanks! I'm not sure what I would do without this particular tile set, the smooth diagonal walls really help open up more design variety.

Submitted by: Dorten - 2009-03-19 to 79 Early Spring

Very good writing, I must say!

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