Ironforge - 302 Early Spring by Marzen

Map Description:

Oh, WoW. How we worship you so. If only the Dwarven language had a word for "forge", then you would actually be named IronForge instead of IronFord :|.

This is a very bad imitation of Iron Forge. First year is done, and the magma forges are about halfway done. I need to also finish the new bedrooms upstairs, but eh. It'll all be done by the end of the year.

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Submitted by: Jurph - 2009-03-16 to 302 Early Spring

I was pretty excited when I saw the name. It would be great to try to do an actual copy of Ironforge with two stories of concentric circles... but you'd have to fill the map with the main ring.

Submitted by: Marzen - 2009-03-16 to 302 Early Spring

Yeah, unfortunately, I suck at DF. Horribly. Not to mention earlier today, the save file became corrupted, and I had no back up. So, Iron Forge is dead. Oh well.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-03-16 to 302 Early Spring

Might have been a side effect of tweaking.

Submitted by: Marzen - 2009-03-21 to 302 Early Spring

No, it was a crash while saving. Corrupted the save file, but it doesn't really matter :P. I'm making a new fortress right now.

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