Westlash - 245 Late Winter by Martin

Point of Interest: Overview

The thousand foot view.

On the outside a curtain wall with simple moat - just to funnel opponents into the two entrances - north and east. Gatehouses at each entrance.

Inner wall is 3 stories with small tower on south wall. West wall hasn't been completed yet but will get a comparable tower. Central keep covers both entrances and has two portcullises each on the outside and inside, activated by lever. The three weapon traps are the only fixed defense - mostly to splatter snatchers. The kittens act as sentries for ambushes.

The structure in the open field is the barn - all wood. To the south, all buildings are workshops. To the west, all buildings are apartments. The round structure on the right is a storage tower, still being dug out and will be finished out with green glass. The round structure ont he left will be the spire, already carved out of the mountain on the exterior, but not yet begun on the interior. Because this is a no-immigration fortress, there is limited manpower for megaprojects, so they take a while. - martin

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Submitted by: Joss - 2009-02-24 to 236 Mid Summer

Utter awesomeness, I must say. I'm especially keen on the pond with the statue in the middle. The barn is also nice. Well done.

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-02-25 to 236 Mid Summer

Man, looking fine. You have serious points in the style category. I especially enjoy the assorted creatures sitting outside the barn.

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