Cagemerchant - 11 Mid Autumn by Noble Digger

Map Description:

Back in the reigns on a more feature-ridden map. Lots more metal, wood, and obsidian, and HFS (but I forgot where, conveniently) with a very long chunk of cave river for water projects and a bottomless pit for drainage!

I'm going very rectangular for the trade depotbarrackscraftsmans' areas (currently under construction) but I plan to have semi-circular rooms in the farms and butchery areas.

Two marksmans' towers will go up near the front gate, along with a small maze made of retractable bridges so I can drop goblins into a dungeon easily.

To the south will go a large vault to store my soon-to-be-massive wealth of gems (I stole this idea from juice, word nuggah) and more bedrooms below each workshop. The final design is to make each stack of 3 2x2 bedroom halls owned by 4 dwarves total: so each gets a bedroom, dining room, office, and workshop all connected. The final step will be to store food nearby as well.

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Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-02-09 to 14 Mid Spring

Nice fort.
What really amazes me is that you A: have a girlfriend and play on DF and B: that you have a girlfriend who PLAYS on df.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-02-11 to 14 Mid Spring

It's possible, there is hope for all of us :)

Find the right girl and give her enough attention in between forts that she'll stick around. Thanks btw~

I'll add a new set of images for this fort, it's progressed 2 more years and looks really nice, but I've been messing with Windlancers today (flooding a goblin tower from the top, mwuauauauaghaafgsg hack cough)

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-15 to 15 Mid Autumn

Interesting start year, trying for more megabeasts?

The tileset change is much appreciated as well ^^

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Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-02-15 to 15 Mid Autumn

A secret pool in the mountains surrounded by all manner of gems and treasures... no really, I didn't make it up, I saw it with my own eyes *hic*

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