Imagecontrols - 219 Mid Winter by Kanddak

Map Description:

Test map for a 7-segment display controller. (
It turns four bits of input into the hexadecimal digits 0-F, displayed by retracting bridges.


Point of Interest: The Display Controller

This is all the logic to control a 7-segment display. - Kanddak

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2009-02-06 to 219 Mid Winter

"7 segment display controller"? what are you trying to build? sounds interseting.

Submitted by: Sinergistic - 2009-02-08 to 219 Mid Winter

Take a gander at your clock... (pref the digital one, analog is rather pointless for this exercise)

Now, you might notice that each individual number being displayed is made up of... smaller parts. You might call one of these parts a ... segment? sounds good. Each number on your clock is made up using seven on these.

So with a 7 segment display controller, he can easily represent the numbers 0-9, and probably do a good job depicting some letters as well, though things like R and Q are a little complicated.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2009-02-08 to 219 Mid Winter

Ah, I've never heard the term before.

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SHIFT + Key doubles keyboard scroll rate.


Do you only see a blank space?

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