Westlash - 236 Mid Summer by martin

Map Description:

Aboveground settlement at the base of a volcano.

Point of Interest: Overview

An overview of the Westlash settlement. Sheer walls rising as high as 25 stories protect the settlement from invaders from the west and south, a moat and simple wall give some protection from the north and east. Plenty of trees, water, sand, and stone. A rough outline of where the settlement will expand next. - martin

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Submitted by: Joss - 2009-02-24 to 236 Mid Summer

Utter awesomeness, I must say. I'm especially keen on the pond with the statue in the middle. The barn is also nice. Well done.

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2009-02-25 to 236 Mid Summer

Man, looking fine. You have serious points in the style category. I especially enjoy the assorted creatures sitting outside the barn.

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