Shotrake - 217 Mid Autumn by RedWick

Map Description:

I've survived my first siege and everything in this place is developing swimmingly. I have Most of my workforce are masons of one stripe or another. My still lacking, though the presence of two champions seems to be sufficient for my needs currently. I just drafted a bunch of newbie recruits and I plan on training them in archery to give myself some more breathing room.

I'm sitting on around 3.5k drink and about 3k food, so I'm not worried about anything on that front.

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2009-02-01 to 217 Mid Autumn

You.... you have bauxite... and magnetite... so very close together... brain exploding...

Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-02 to 217 Mid Autumn

Bauxite, magnetite AND flux (my whole fortress is basically made out of chalk). No magma though, so the bauxite is a wash. I've set my smelters on repeat to build pig iron and steel, so I'm currently sitting on around 50 or so bars of steel. Haven't needed to make anything with it since I've been importing all of my armor.

Submitted by: Phrog - 2009-02-02 to 218 Early Winter

The mountain carving must have taken ages to do. I'm doing that on a simpler scale on my fortress Citybite for a farming terrace and a defense tower but nothing like this. How long did it all take?

Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-03 to 217 Mid Autumn

In game? Not too long. I'm only just finishing up year 4 of this fortress. Real world time, I think I've spent probably the last week picking at this place.

Usually I just pick a project I want finished then set my dwarves to working. Most of my workforce has masonry and stone detailing enabled, so when I start a project my usual pool of layabouts jumps into action.

Mind you, almost none of the constructed walls are blocks. Just rough stone. If I waited around for all that stone to be carved into blocks, I'd be looking at probably 10 years or more to reach this point.

Maybe later, I'll get around to replacing everything floor by floor. For now, I'm happy just letting the place grow however it needs to.

Submitted by: Noble Digger - 2009-02-04 to 218 Early Winter

I love the alternating double wall in your crypts, in between the two sections. I'm a big fan of walls thicker than 1 unit used as an accent myself, even if it's not the most efficient type of room.

Submitted by: RedWick - 2009-02-05 to 219 Mid Winter

I figure for rooms that aren't visited much, efficiency isn't such a big issue, so I usually opt for aesthetics (or at least aesthetic to me). I usually build my forts with an eye towards what I'd find interesting to explore in adventurer mode (even if I rarely bother going back to explore these places).

Submitted by: EnDSchultz - 2009-12-24 to 223 Early Spring

Man, I wish I had such a wonderful eye for aesthetics. This is a very beautiful fort; well done!

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