Shoveknives - 216 Late Winter by LegacyCWAL

Map Description:

Shoveknives is probably my proudest moment in terms of fortress defense.

Point of Interest: The Bridges of Doom

The valley below is the only way to get to my gates, and it is (literally) covered by four bridges, of which these are the northernmost two and a half. During a siege, a legion of Marksdwarves rain iron death down upon the attackers, and the attackers can't get to them without going through the fortress itself. No enemy has ever made it to the second bridge. - LegacyCWAL

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-01-22 to 216 Late Winter

That some grand fortifications you've got there, I like what you've done with the valley entrance and defences. Good work :)

Submitted by: ScottH - 2009-01-22 to 216 Late Winter

Is it just me or do those channels in the east look like they could someday be used to flood the valley :P

Edit* Didnt notice there was a moat.. haha

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Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-01-22 to 216 Late Winter

Yeah those are some kickass fortifications. I also like how you've claimed the center of your map with walls

Submitted by: Silfurdreki - 2009-01-23 to 216 Late Winter

I really like the way you've claimed the whole valley. Also the bridge over the whole thing is awesome.

Is it just me or is it possible to enter the secure lumber area and the meeting area from the south?

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-01-23 to 216 Late Winter

Into the valley of death rode the six hundred!
Like the bridges very much.

Submitted by: LegacyCWAL - 2009-01-23 to 216 Late Winter

I'm glad that everybody likes it =)

Silfurdreki: It's secure, but I admit it does look open at first glance. Look at the cul-de-sac from 1 z-level up though, and you'll see the moats that cut it off to the sides, with the remaining ramps down there either shaved off or else cut off by moats of their own. I'll probably wind up walling it off sooner or later, but my dwarves almost never go down that far =)

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