PeaceLaboured - 1059 by Hadrian

Map Description:

1st of Slate 1059.

Everyone's dying of hunger, don't know how long it'll last...

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Submitted by: BridgeBurner - 2007-07-21 to 1059

You have a laughably small farm area for the size of your fort. It's no wonder everyone is starving. Are you trying to kill them?

If you are new-ish to DF I recommend turning off all menial hauling tasks for a few of your farmers. Just a few dedicated talented farmers can feed hundreds.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-21 to 1059

Yeah, its not like you've not got the space for farming. That farm might be just big enough to support your dwarves if it were full of seeds. Stop your dwarves idling, get them feeding! Or is it too late...

Submitted by: Hadrian - 2007-07-26 to 1059

All of the farmers are dedicated farmers...

And I'm not that 'newish' been playing for almost a year now...

(and its now 'too late' because the game crashes after 2 seconds.. *sighs*)

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