Axeaura of Angels - 218 Early Spring by Rhenaya

Point of Interest: Trade Depot

- Rhenaya

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2008-10-12 to 212 Mid Winter

Awesome name.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-14 to 212 Mid Winter

This is an amazingly spacious and open fort. I'd say its almost a thriving city... great work, agreed on the name.

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-16 to 212 Mid Winter

i will update next year if i can complete something, actually i am working on many things at once so not a single one will complete soon, but i try to focus on the dining hall wells now

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-17 to 214 Mid Spring

not so much new in 214, just startet to dig out the watertank for the dining hall wells ^^

Submitted by: Caranha - 2008-10-18 to 214 Mid Spring

I like your entrance :-) It is really classy.

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-20 to 215 Early Spring

another year passed, but nothing much happend, just started to construct the pipe system for my water under the main fort

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-27 to 215 Early Spring

The water system - will that just be a giant moat or something more involved? What about the existing river?

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-29 to 215 Early Spring

it will be more than just the little moat you can see outside... and this will be a magma moat :p
the water system involves big pumping systems, 3 cisterns: one for the wells, you can see its top west of the dining room, one for the spring wells in the dining room (its few tiles more east of the well cistern) to make pressure and stuff, and the third one is on the very top in the tower, it will support the water for my dining hall waterfalls.
i was also thinking of a gigantic sewer system, but somehow i forgott about it while planing out the fort and now its hard to add one :( but in 41(x) or whatever the next version will be i will add this too. the sewer system will be constructed in a way it will prevent any fort flooding in the long run. i had one in the fortress before, but uhm you know, then my mayor dies 'Rhenaya' Ringlegend, i abbdon a fort ^^
after completing the water systems i will focus on the magma systems (the moat, dining hall floor warming, "execution chambers" and stuff you can do with the fancy hot stones)
and after this, i wanted to make a little monument competition on the df forums but seems not much interressted, maybe i willget this done in next version.
and the existing river is just a small brook, so not much i could do about this, dam a brook is something kids do, but not dwarvenly enough xD

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-29 to 212 Mid Winter

oh and i forgott, a giant wall inside the moat with fortifications and patroling markdwarfs indeed :) they will shot any goblins dare to use the street i build around the moat :D

and got a comment in irc i want to add xD
Alex: Great local
Alex: an my god is that a road?
Alex: You have a highway going into your fort
Alex: Sheesh you weren't kidding about making a beautiful city

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Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-10-30 to 216 Early Spring

and another year passed, suddenly i get more ambushes and even a siege. after years of quiet evolving. lost some champions due to heavy marksmen within the siege force but at least i got new iron :D

not much happend else still going to constrcut the water things out and dump every thousand stone thats not extrusive or an ore :D

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2008-12-17 to 217 Mid Spring

nearly forgott to update, i am quite not playing enough now :/

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2009-01-04 to 218 Early Spring

so we have year 218, nothing much happened in 217:
the street to conect the north is now cut free, also some dirt roads made to to get rid of the plants. the obsidian factory is getting digged out, i made a second z level into the moat... and thus it will get filled with lots and lots of magma ^^ the well is nearly completed, just need to complete the large cistern, my future primary watersource filled from the brook. also some more dumping have to be done... getting rid of a few thousnand stones with only 170 dwarfs realy need its time.

fps: 6-15, so a year is really a long time. even i got rid of most pets now (and put the rest into cages). hungry dwarfs will be quite uncommon here ^^

Submitted by: Rhenaya - 2009-02-17 to 219 Early Spring

and again a new map... just not really much happening exept of the goblin sieges every season

Submitted by: ajr_ - 2010-04-04 to 212 Mid Winter

I'm so happy I found this

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Submitted by: Another - 2010-11-26 to 219 Early Spring

The magmaduct is really better seen in 3d. Unfortunately the link in the Point of Interest comments is unclickable and uncopyable because it is embedded into a flash object.

So - here it is:

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