Ulolgeshud - 1071 Early Spring by Jamini

Map Description:

The 21st Year of the generational community fortress Ulolgeshud.

Point of Interest: Rikkir's Kick-Ass Grainery

( 1071 Early Spring → 1090 Late Winter )

After a year of intensive work spent digging, carving, chipping, and building, Rikkir's Kick-Ass Grainery had it's first , and much of it's second, floor finished in 1070. Eventually it is currently the largest building in the entire village, the first floors holding the booze stockpiles, the second floor a prepared meal stockipile, and the third floor holding ingrediants and workshops.

Construction has tapered off in the latter years, as other important projects have taken precedence to the order or Likot. - Jamini

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Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2008-09-21 to 1053 Early Spring

I like the Elf trap. . .

Seems fitting that they would die, speared through with wooden spikes.

Submitted by: Jamini - 2008-09-23 to 1055 Early Spring

Sadly enough, I don't get anything BUT elves for trading. I think it has to do with not having a liaison. It's a little annoying, since there IS a human civ on my civ's screen, and I have not once gotten to meet or trade with them.

It's either that or it may have to do with me never having successfully traded in this game once.

Submitted by: Axe27 - 2008-09-28 to 1056 Early Spring

Well, considering you only have 7 dudes.....Who would bury the last man when he died?

Submitted by: Jamini - 2008-09-29 to 1059 Early Spring

His... or her... children.

I've got a good number of them already, and I'm more than halfway to having the number of able-bodied adults growing.

This is a generational fortress in the truest sense of the word. Reallly it is.

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