Orbspaper - 205 Mid Winter by starcannon

Map Description:

151 Dwarves, more pending.
Area so dangerous that immigrants refuse to come, but that's okay. We've got babies.
Check out the living area level. Not bad for housing 150 dwarves/level.

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Submitted by: starcannon - 2008-12-19 to 205 Mid Winter

Notice all the equipment outside. That's from the five or so sieges we had in one year. It was amazing. 160 or so goblins and kobolds so far and only 8 dead military dwarves. Heh heh.

Submitted by: ToonyMan - 2008-12-19 to 205 Mid Winter

I hope all your dwarves wear sunglasses, because your fortress is shining! 8-)

Submitted by: starcannon - 2008-12-20 to 205 Mid Winter

Even more so when population goes up. 200 dwarves! Woooot!

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