Machine Spirit - 1001 Early Spring by Mechanoid

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Long time no post.
What can i say, i hate colored stones, so i finally got fed up enough with worldgen that i made a personalized mod that has only granite as the stone layer, and only sand as the soil layer, with veins limestone (for flux) and obsidian (for sharp stone) with CRAZY mapgen parameters. As the cherry on the top, i edited all underground chasm/water/magma creatures to "drown" in their respective environments, thus preventing them from spawning. Only Troglodites and Cave Crocodiles were permitted to live (both can reproduce before they die, unlike most others) for my plans of having an inhabitted cave system, sewer, and leather factory.

Best of all:
6 CC's to start with, and none of them fell in the river ending chasm! HUZZAH!

Point of Interest: Cave River Pit

( 1001 Early Spring → onwards )

Nothing has fallen down here.
That's the way it's going to stay now that grates have been placed on BOTH levels of the room.

Also, tower caps.
The farms will be placed along the northern wall, flooring as constructions, one level up, and will have their "used" water fall down into this area. - Mechanoid

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-12-05 to 1001 Early Spring

Nice. Multicolored stones is one of the things I hate in my fortress, so glad to see you've taken the ambition to shake things up. Also, glad to see your plan worked out so well.

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