Reinhammers - 263 Late Winter by Lord Dullard

Map Description:

Only an in-game year since my last update. I haven't had much time to work on this lately, but I thought I'd make an upload to at least show the couple of changes that have been made since last year.

I only took one screen shot for this post - it's a general overview of the map:

The new, more-or-less finished aboveground village for human visitors is in the foreground.

I had one of my founders bite the dust this year - my original smith. He was the first of the seven founders to die since the leader back in the very first year of the fort. Naturally, he was buried with all honors. I believe his tomb is the one stuffed full of socks.

Point of Interest: The Skull Mural

( 263 Early Spring → onwards )

Some people would say it's silly to have a huge, creepy-looking mural of the visage of Armok that your dwarves can't actually see.
I agree. But what the hell. - Lord Dullard

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Submitted by: PTTG - 2008-08-21 to 243 Mid Autumn

Amazing! I am Awed by the Dining Pods.

Submitted by: lambskin - 2008-08-21 to 243 Mid Autumn

Amazing fortress! What are the coffins made of?

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-08-21 to 243 Mid Autumn

Thank you both.

The coffins are all dolomite, which is the material used in most of the fort's constructions. I may eventually replace some of the more important dwarves' coffins with steel or platinum editions - but since I settled on a map with no magma, for now I'm conserving wood and don't want to waste the charcoal.

Submitted by: Invictus - 2008-08-22 to 243 Mid Autumn

Itīs really something. That Forge an surrounding quarters looks like a undeground ship with all the water around. Almost all points of interest contains some great idea of architecture.
My respect.

Submitted by: Hellzon - 2008-08-22 to 243 Mid Autumn


Nice architecture, but I'm still giggling about the vomit on the Philosoher's sunroof.

Submitted by: Lacero - 2008-08-22 to 243 Mid Autumn

Favourited :)

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-08-22 to 245 Late Spring

I should note that in between 243-245 I gave 'Loamy Sand' a [SOIL_SAND] tag. I didn't realize upon embarking that loamy sand wasn't actually a sand, so I edited the raw rather than start a whole new fortress just to achieve glass production.

[Message edited on 2008/08/22 at 01:38 by Lord Dullard]

Submitted by: Katsuun - 2008-08-22 to 245 Late Spring

Heh. I've never had a fortress thats lasted this long, so I can only be awed.

Submitted by: Gaulgath - 2008-08-22 to 245 Late Spring

It is rare indeed when a fortress filled with such architectural achievement is uploaded here. Bravo sir!

[Message edited on 2008/09/03 at 06:13 by Gaulgath]

Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-08-23 to 245 Late Spring

Wow, i love the layout of this fort. I love how its neat and clean and impressive, but not too overdone.
How do you make a fountain like that btw?
I also really like the color sheme.

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-08-23 - Removed

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-08-23 to 245 Late Spring

Thank you to everyone who has commented.

As for the fountain - the setup is actually relatively simple. It's just tiered layers of solid walls with stacked screw pumps in the center and a cistern underneath. Grates surround the entire thing so that when the water spills off of the bottom level it feeds back into the cistern and starts the process over again.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-08-24 to 243 Mid Autumn

*Also favourites*... the entire fort is filled with character and its just so neat and tidy...

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-28 to 250 Early Summer

Nice bazaar, and the whole place looks really crisp and clean.

Submitted by: stummelist - 2008-08-28 to 250 Early Summer

wtf? great fortress design... also liked the dining pods most.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-08-28 to 246 Early Autumn

I love the library.
I wish I could be bothered to build things like that.
Honestly, I can only imagine the stories in that fort.

Submitted by: kein - 2008-08-30 to 246 Early Autumn

Fantasic work. +Favored.

I like how you didnt dirty it up with a graphic set like most DF vetrans do. Is that the "natural" color scheme or something else? Love the maze. The catacombs look like a starship :)

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-08-30 to 250 Early Summer

kein: I use 'Another scheme'.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-03 to 255 Early Spring


Also, I think your FPS died due to the fountain. When I tried to use fountains, my FPS always took a serious blow.

Submitted by: RavingManiac - 2008-09-09 to 255 Early Spring

Hmm, I wonder which of the tombs belongs to the tax collector...

Submitted by: Yojimbo - 2008-09-27 to 255 Early Spring

Sir! We salute you!!

That is impressive. Excellent theme and execution.


Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-09-28 to 262 Mid Spring

Quite awesome :D

Submitted by: Marzen - 2008-11-11 to 262 Mid Spring

...Man, this fortress ROCKS. Like, seriously, it's been a great help for my newest one. Awesome clean layout, awesome projects. Speaking of projects, how did you make that giant hole? AND smooth it. I can't see a way you'd do it without having your dwarfs fly. Also, you still working on this? Been looking at it for ages, and I thought you'd add in one more map, but it's been 2 months now.

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2008-11-13 to 262 Mid Spring

Hi, Marzen. Thanks for the comment.

If the hole you are referring to is the one under the altar, I just dug/channeled out a 5x5 pit, leaving a single stairwell as I went. Once the pit was dug out I just removed the stairs. This is how I build most of my large projects - I build up 'scaffolding' surrounding them until they're finished, then remove it at the end from the top-down.

I haven't been playing DF much lately (LotRO and Fallout 3 have been eating my free time for the past few months), but I still plan on trying to 'finish' this fort. Eventually.

[Message edited on 2008/11/13 at 03:09 by Lord Dullard]

Submitted by: Nilus - 2008-12-04 to 263 Late Winter

This fortress is disturbingly epic.
I hate you for being better than me.

Submitted by: Luckymoose - 2008-12-04 to 263 Late Winter

This just might be the best fortress I have ever seen. It is making me and my friends jealous. We will probably try something more epic and fail.

That Skull is amazing, did you use a template or just wing it?

Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-12-05 to 263 Late Winter

This fortress continues to become epicly better each time i see it!
Great job.

Submitted by: Mintie2 - 2009-02-15 to 250 Early Summer

This fort is the best! Good design and innovation. Sorry to bug you even more about the tileset, but I can't seem to find it. Can you tell us where you got it?

[Message edited on 2009/02/19 at 10:42 by Mintie2]

[Message edited on 2009/02/25 at 09:17 by Mintie2]

Submitted by: Lord Dullard - 2009-03-12 to 263 Late Winter

I use the tileset here:

It's the second one under the 'Unknown' listing.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-03-12 to 263 Late Winter

dude. that skull is frickin' scary

Submitted by: Markavian - 2009-03-12 to 263 Late Winter

"Some people would say it's silly to have a huge, creepy-looking mural of the visage of Armok that your dwarves can't actually see.
I agree. But what the hell."

- but what if some sky deity / god type person could view that room from above with all the rock and sand and sky stripped away... what would they think then?

Submitted by: MrGimp - 2009-05-26 to 263 Late Winter

This fort rocks!!! The skull mural is the shit! Woooo!!!

Submitted by: ECNM - 2009-07-09 to 250 Early Summer

Man, that's pretty cool about the Leader's Shrine.
The Founding Dwarves really are all the most important.

Submitted by: Agent Fransis - 2009-07-12 to 250 Early Summer

This is an epic fortress. All craftsdwarfship is of the highest quality. It is encircled with bands of win and manaces with spikes of awesome.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-09-13 to 250 Early Summer

Super-neat fort is superneat.
The bazaar is wonderfully colourful.

Good work :)

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2009-10-20 to 263 Late Winter

Stonesense screenshot made by Japa:
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