Beachbells Fortress of Dawning - 19622 Early Spring by armrha

Map Description:

This is my first fortress that didn't fail. I managed to incorporate most of the features I wanted, including a permanent waterfall, massive reservoir, tower-cap farm, obsidian factory, magma/water doublemoat. I cheated, in a way: I just kept reclaiming it everytime I was destroyed. Or reclaiming it and just bringing along the stuff I needed to get stuff going... or reclaiming and abandoning just to harvest all the steel for next time. Anyway, I think it ended up being pretty attractive.

One large point of interest in the demon pits. I just totally lucked out in having them almost in the center of my fortress. I mean, after the demon bit...

Once that was taken care of, on the (third? fifth?) reclaim after I built in the garbage disposal chute into the demon pits. That has been very useful. The internal reservoir also drains into those pits. I love them... but every time I reclaim, I wall them off, just incase. Oh, and by the end I just started wanting to finish what I was doing more than not cheat, so I used Dwarf Companion to max out a bunch of dwarves skills. That's how I ended up with all the horrible, horrible legendary fortress guardsmen who now brutalize my dwarves. Live and learn.

Point of Interest: Beachbells

The view from afar. The roads were fun, and I dug through the mountain all the way up to prevent out of map access to the top. The roads keep all the civs that trade coming pretty readily. The doublemoat is visible from here. I think the overall aesthetic of the fortress is good, but I've seen much prettier ones for sure... - armrha

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Submitted by: Charrat - 2008-11-27 to 19622 Early Spring

Great fort! I like your noble quarters and jail particularly (the jails are more luxurious than the bedrooms!), and your catacombs are huge! How many of the coffins are occupied? =P

The placement of your waterfall is very good, your dwarves must be very happy.

Submitted by: armrha - 2008-11-27 to 19622 Early Spring

Thanks! MANY of the coffins are occupied, unfortunately. Originally I had enough coffins to match the bedrooms, but the reason I had to build an expansion was they were all either occupied or already assigned. I would say probably about a fifth of the coffins are occupied. Some of them got filled with frogman/olman/corpses from the underground river. I have no idea why they gave them a state burial.

Yeaah... the jail is much more luxurious than the bedrooms, heh. I just wanted to make sure to recuperate the tantrumers. Ever since the waterfall though, they've all been pretty happy, except the jealous nobles.

Submitted by: Salmeuk - 2008-11-27 to 19622 Early Spring

Year 19622? Just how many times did you reclaim?!

Submitted by: armrha - 2008-11-27 to 19622 Early Spring

At least a fifty. I wouldn't be surprised if it's over a hundred.

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