Doorholes - 1055 by Anxiety

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Mid-summer, 1055. I have an inevitable impending famine that will set me back at least half a year. Fortunately, I was planning to reclaim the fort anyway, though this will bring it about a bit soon. I wanted to carve a grand obsidian-furnished tomb for whichever poor soul discovers the magma river. That and the eventual magma reshaping will have to wait 'til I make the present structure livable.

If I'd planned to keep the fort running another year or two before the reclamation, I'd have put more energy into food production. As it was, I designated nearly the entire outdoors for plant gathering and, given block and column priority, meant it was too slow to do much good. Should've farmed or simply micromanaged more.

Regardless, my goal was to breach the magma and finish all terraforming in one go so I'd only have to reclaim once. Meh.

Anyway, as you can see, I've mined out a lot more space, touched up some bits, and greatly modified the exterior.

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Submitted by: Anxiety - 2007-07-15 to 1054

D'oh! By not discovering the cave river I meant not discovering the chasm.

Submitted by: SooperNoob - 2007-07-15 to 1054

Whoa, is that rewall you used to get the outside walls? The end result looks nice. You can change ponds into rivers (O_o)? The numerous errors could be the "terraforming", yes, but reclaiming might solve it as you suggested. It's absolutely amazing though, even if you can't see past the chasm...

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