Somberrag - 14 Mid Spring by Mcshay

Map Description:

It's been another year, and I forgot about the spring thaw. I had ordered some bones to be transfered from the Boneyard to the Dumping Pier roughly during early spring. While I was busy digging out more stone, the thaw came and 5 dwarves sank to the bottom of the reservoir. Acting quickly, I had a wall removed in a small room on Floor 1 to try to save a few of them. Incredibly, the only survivor was my legendary record keeper, one of my starting seven. Unfortunately, I will have to delay the planned migration to the fortress until the wall can be repaired.

Point of Interest: Urist McDwarf cancels haul bones: AHHH WATER!

The three bodies on this level and the one on the aquifer guard above were the four who drowned while waiting for the wall segment to be removed. The noble to the top left is the book keeper who held his breath long enough to get out alive.

Incidentally, one of the bodies is of our only jeweler, who came in the first immigration wave. The book keeper was one of the origional seven (and the first mayor). - Mcshay

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Submitted by: Foa - 2008-11-16 to 11 Early Winter

JESUS CHRIST, WTF ARE YOU THINKING, where are the carp or executionary utilities

Submitted by: Mcshay - 2008-11-17 to 11 Early Winter

Unfortunately this map has no carp, or any fish at all really. However, the ice melt occasionally glitches and creates a few unmoving aquatic gophers. They don't downed for some strange reason (until they become encased in ice that is). One group of gophers survived long enough to give birth in my major river, something that I had yet to witness.

Trap wise, I'm going to do something evil with my trade depot. The lack of lava greatly reduces my options, but something involving caged animals and/or water seems best.

Once the tower is done boredom will likely drive me to engineer something for the nobility.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-24 to 14 Mid Spring

How did you damn that river? Did it freeze for you or was there another way?

Submitted by: Charrat - 2008-11-27 to 14 Mid Spring


Submitted by: Mcshay - 2008-12-03 to 14 Mid Spring

Yeah, it freezes. I picked a cold biome, which led to a half-year of ice.

Status update: School work has cut down on my time recently, however, you will be happy to know that those four bodies seen in year 14 caused a massive tantrum spiral. They had a lot of friends apparently. I'd say about 100 out of 214 dwarves have died as of now, and it's still well underway. The children seemed to resist tantruming until most of the adult population was dead, leaving me now with a handful of survivors and 30 very, very angry kids.

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