Gearspots - 56 Late Summer by Maisoul

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So it wasn't quite over. I'm still getting sent immigrants, though, which is helping to keep the fortress populated.
Random invading squads keep popping up from time to time; full of goblins, as usual, but with the odd one or two dwarves per squad, too. Which is annoying, as they take up space in the coffins, just like friendly dwarves.

Still, now that the wall's been completed and the ramps removed, the only way in is via the one-wide passage with weapon traps. It's just troublesome keeping them clean.

Point of Interest: Likot Leromtirist Olumdobar Catten, Champion

I'm really glad this hunter went legendary. He was one of the very first immigrants to arrive post-embark, and turned out to be amazingly... competent.

He has 160 non-notable kills, 15 notables, worships a giant rat, and has no major relationships as they all died a year or two back.
He even takes joy in slaughter. He's probably the perfect warrior. Pity I can't stop him from needing to sleep. - Maisoul

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Submitted by: Drone - 2008-11-21 to 52 Late Winter

Did you butcher any fire imps?

Their fat catches fire on contact with air, and doesn't burn away.

Submitted by: Maisoul - 2008-11-21 to 52 Late Winter

Ah... that would explain it. Didn't know that. Thanks.

Bah. There's no way to designate specific creatures as do-not-butcher automatically. Still, livened up the end of an otherwise-uneventful year, I suppose.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-11-22 to 52 Late Winter

Woah... the drop off on that cliff side is tremendous.

You can butcher fire imps? O.o I guess that was not wise.

Submitted by: Maisoul - 2008-11-22 to 52 Late Winter

I didn't choose to. I just seem to have gotten a competent hunter for once, and I tend to completely forget about butchering in that case unless it's automatic.
But. Yes. Bad idea. Burning fire imp fat is enough to make Dwarves think there's lava on the other side of clay. Fire Imp fat DOES burn away eventually, though... as you can see from the lack of smoke and fire in the current food stockpile. After it finished baking peat, I shifted all the remaining food left.

It's pretty steep, yeah. I think the area is right on top of a mountain, mostly; a particularly giant altar-like mountain, in retrospect.
I'm tempted to build out a floor and fortress over the side of the gap, with only a few tiles and pillars for support, but I've already got the start of the outpost elsewhere.

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