Goldgifted - 206 Early Spring by Squeegy

Map Description:

Year 5 of the succession fortress Goldgifted, the second dwarven museum. This is after the reign of the fourth curator, Malakai Sarrithar. The dungeon master.

Point of Interest: Welcome to Goldgifted!

Don't mind the blood and gore, some goblins were causing trouble and had to be killed outside the entrance to the residential sector. As you can see from this entrance, many things are different here at the Museum this year, including the fact that our brook is finally properly filling, and a small masonry hut has been placed near the portion of the cliffside that was removed during year 2. Now if you will follow me, we have a lot of places to go visit! - Jamini

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Submitted by: Caranha - 2008-10-07 to 202 Early Spring

(202) Looks Really nice. I like the entrance carved inside the outcropping :-)

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