Wandercastles - 1055 by Mechanoid

Map Description:

Five years have passed since this fortress was established in 1050, and this is the current state. In the first 4 years of the game, i restricted dwarf immigration entirely by setting the population cap to 5. This is to prevent nobles from arriving; wanting wooden beds and requesting items that cannot be made under a "Rocky Wasteland" map, for a lack of wood. They came anyways. I traded too much with the humans in 1053 & 1052 (for barrels + booze) and got a trade minister noble along with a broker; 2 of my 3 peices of wood from the wagon, used. The third peice was used in making a bucket for the military i'd later create from immigrant peasants. None of the initial dwarves died, which is a surprise, because the map is hostile enough to give me a giant toad in the second year, and single but dangerous critters running around outside.
Thus, we reach today.

Oh, and i'm intentionally trying to piss off the elves too, so that they can sit outside my gates and run interferance between me and the goblins ... But i wasn't fast enough for this time.

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