Guisebells - 206 Early Summer by Bitzeralisis

Map Description:

"Guisebells," one and a half years later.

I have about thirty-eight dwarves right now. The first caravan to come didn't harbor any good goods, and I had nothing to sell them. The second caravan that came was an elf one, and I tried to trade them wood crafts. That didn't go so well. My social ward is looking pretty smooth, but I'm making new apartment complexes on lower floors. I'm thinking about my military, defenses, and making more stuff out of chalk.

Things I learned: use [d]>[b]>[d] to mass dump items more often. Smooth walls look better, have a higher value, and can be made through the sweat and tears of otherwise idle workers. The same thing applies to planting seeds. Barrels (and bins) are your friend. And, finally, Elf traders generally don't like you trading them wood crafts. :P

Point of Interest: Apartment Complex

Lots of little houses. - Bitzeralisis

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-11-13 to 205 Late Spring

Hey, chalks good! full of magnetite, and fuel (and its a flux). Or is that marble. Dam, i always get the two confused...

Submitted by: Drone- - 2008-11-14 to 205 Late Spring

Both act exactly the same except marble is a metamorphic rock and hence contains worthless ores. (but lots od Gems)

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