Fountaintomb - 325 Mid Winter by Alex Encandar

Map Description:

Fountaintomb, founded in the year 300, is a fortress designed with both defense and access in mind.

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-10-04 to 316 Late Spring

Lookin' good, a nice underground dwarven paradise.

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-10-06 to 316 Late Spring

Thanks hehe, now I just gotta split my time between Fountaintomb and Hammerwalls :D

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-11-09 to 325 Mid Winter

Odd, all granite doors appear as engraved empty granite floors. Anyways, that's what those are.

Submitted by: d3c0y2 - 2008-11-10 to 325 Mid Winter

if you calculated the exact amount of water for that sized tree farm, you may find it wont work, as water will evaporate before it covers the entire farm, however if you just make it add 21 or so extra water, it should cover it nicely.

Submitted by: Halconnen - 2008-11-10 to 325 Mid Winter

What's with the beds right on top of all the workshops? Doesn't the noise penetrate through Z-levels as well?

Poor guys.

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-11-11 to 325 Mid Winter

Don't think so, or at least they haven't complained yet.

The tree farm works, yeah I factored in a little extra. Right now there's a good 50 trees growing hehe.

Submitted by: Bitzeralisis - 2008-11-16 to 325 Mid Winter

This is impressive. O_o

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2009-04-06 to 325 Mid Winter

So I lost 9 years or so due to my habit of having many many many copies of DF on my computer at one time, I really should just condense them into a single area.

Anyways, all that's missing is that the main housing area is only 60% engraved or so, The Royal Housing unit is not even started, the jail is about 60% the size of what it is here, and the scaffolding is still up for the most part...just realized that it's the same as the previous map update...I suppose I can use this as what to do to catch up though :D

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