Untitled Cobbling Of Assorted Crap - 1052 by Anonymous

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Someone wanted to see this horrid thing...

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Submitted by: Anonymous - 2007-07-14 to 1052

Oh btw barz of death are due to annoying tile size IIRC...

Submitted by: LokumUzic - 2007-07-15 to 1052

Hi Snoob

Submitted by: SooperNoob - 2007-07-15 to 1053

I'd like to point out an error which is partly my fault for using angled brackets: under the point of interest "Business Front", I have (openbracket)no title(closebracket) just before the three exclamation marks. Just imaginate it being there or something, or, Markavian (I hope I spelled that right), you could somehow fix it, I suppose. Anyway, it makes much more sense (in my opinion at least) when it's there.

Submitted by: Sez You, Punk! - 2007-07-15 to 1053

Ahh! Your fortress has been destroyed by an army of dark, pixel-eating blobs!

Submitted by: Sez You, Punk! - 2007-07-15 to 1053

And the inability to know half the stuff about your fortress!

Submitted by: Sez You, Punk! - 2007-07-15 to 1052

Hey, I can see a fey dwarf from here!

Submitted by: Sez You, Punk! - 2007-07-15 to 1052

Oh, it's one of the points of interest. :'(
I thought I was onto something. ('_',)

Submitted by: Anonymous - 2007-07-18 to 1052

Actually, he just happened to make it into that one, I forgot all about him until I was adding the points...

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-18 to 1052

Unlucky with the black stripes, DF export problem! Why the sudden turn south after the river?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-18 to 1053

Hey SooperNoob,
Changed "Business Front" to say:

... show THEM to rate it only no title!!! 
- is that right?

I'm hoping to add "edit comments" and "edit PoIs" to the map archive over the weekend - so you can clean up after yourselves :). :: puts broom away ::

- Markavian

Submitted by: SooperNoob - 2007-07-29 to 1053

Yeah, that'll work, I should prolly just use () in the future though.

Submitted by: SooperNoob - 2007-07-29 to 1052

The miners became bored and I like to build up before the chasm, both in skills and infranstructure (firefox says it's not spelled right, so I doubt it is :P), so I let them just dig around there randomly so I'd have plenty of space and skills... or I just ran out of useless jobs for them to do, I don't really know what I'm thinking after I do it.

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