Abbeyverse - 1064 Early Spring by Kazindir

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My fourth year and Kazari's first!

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-05-22 to 1055 Early Spring

Woah, what are you making? What's the oval shaped area for?

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-06-20 to 1056 Late Summer

It's a wall to keep those fiendish crocodile and carp out. :)

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-06-20 to 1056 Late Summer

Bah how do I remove a map? This is all screwed up, just bluey-green squares :/

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-06-21 to 1056 Late Summer

Kazindir, if you register your account you can Edit maps. On the Edit map page there is a delete button for removing maps you don't want.

I'll go and remove the all-blue square map (sky tiles) for you now.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-06-30 to 1057 Late Summer

Motte and bailey fort perhaps?

Submitted by: Jools - 2008-07-01 to 1057 Late Summer

Actually it's not a bad example of a motte and bailey, though with the bailey protecting a safe treecutting area rather than a village or anything.

This fort isn't really planned as any particular example of fortress construction, just a normal (slightly chaotic) succession fort. That's turned out to be surprisingly orderly so far...

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-07-02 to 1057 Late Summer

That's a really cool fortress, esspecaily for a succession game. What is the bridge thing with the walls going into the river for?

Edit- haha I just noticed the toilet graphic ontop of the cistern. (or at least it looks a bit Like a toilet?)

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Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-07-03 to 1057 Late Summer

Pfft, toilet. It's supposed to be a salt shaker! :)

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-07-03 to 1057 Late Summer

Lol, although what with the theme and all I'm starting to see more...


Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-07-04 to 1057 Late Summer

Are you going to have millstones in the salt shaker to grid the rock salt?

Submitted by: Jools - 2008-07-13 to 1058 Early Autumn

It's a salt shaker, not a grinder. We'll just fill it, I think.

Submitted by: Keldor - 2008-07-13 to 1058 Early Autumn

What's with that row of stones at the north edge of the map? Is it from the catapult maybe?

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-07-13 to 1058 Early Autumn

Hm, I guess they are. I think that catapult needs a bit of aiming work if they are though, not going to be much use lobbing rocks that far. :)

Submitted by: Jools - 2008-07-20 to 1058 Early Autumn

Yup, the line of stones are from the catapult. Mostly diorite, it seems. Someone set things up to train a couple of decent Siege Operators for the various ballistae we have lying around... not a bad idea, but it might be a good idea to build a nice ambush point with a well-placed ballista, rather than our current one which is well behind a couple of layers of defenses, to the point where I didn't anything hostile get anywhere near it in my last year.

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-07-20 to 1058 Early Autumn

To be fair, that ballista has been there longer than the outer walls have been! Actually I think it was there before the Foe Flusher.

Submitted by: Keldor - 2008-07-30 to 1054 Early Spring

You should know about that ballista, Jools, it first showed up during your uncle's reign sometime in 1053...

Submitted by: Jools - 2008-08-02 to 1060 Early Spring

Yup, I built that ballista - but back then it was in a good place to defend against any attacks... some time afterwards, somebody built the outer wall and that meant that the ballista would then have nothing to shoot at but fortress inhabitants... oh and possibly elves, leaving the trade depot after having all their possessions seized...

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-08-02 to 1060 Early Spring

This fort is stunning, the details and play areas are inspiring. I want to go play DF now...

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-08-02 to 1060 Early Spring

Have to say I think this has been one of the most fun fortressess I've played, we just need more goblins now. :)

Submitted by: Keldor - 2008-08-03 to 1060 Early Spring

Don't worry! We just got goblins. Lots of goblins.

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-08-03 to 1060 Early Spring

Sentries have come in from the hill, sir.... They report Goblins to the southeast. Thousands of them.

Submitted by: Keldor - 2008-08-05 to 1060 Early Spring

Hehe, more like "Sentries have come in from the hill, sir. They report goblins to the southeast, to the southwest, to the northeast, to the northwest, to the north, and to the east. In short, we're surrounded. By thousands."

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-08-20 to 1060 Early Spring

Argh, kobold merchants have arrived, peddling suspicious spirits and dubious heating mechanisms! Quick, kill them and carve bolts out of their bones!

[Message edited on 2008/08/20 at 11:02 by Kazindir]

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-08-26 to 1061 Early Spring

Let me know how you're Carp Catcher works, I'm very interested in it's success.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-08-28 to 1061 Early Spring

I was quite appalled to find what a mess the courtyard was in.
There was no paving, and it was inside!
Trees aren't supposed to grow inside a room.
Nist Akath yard is coming on nicely, but I can't find the fourth golden statue for the arch >:C.
Oh, and the carp-catcher hasn't caught anything yet, bit I'm sure it will.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-08-29 to 1061 Early Spring

Maggarg, your last comment almost read like a poem o.O

Submitted by: Squeegy - 2008-09-01 to 1061 Early Spring

Wow, to think I was one of the people who started this.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-09-07 to 1061 Early Spring

The carp catcher is a resounding failure.
The carp just don't want to swim in.
I finished the paving and nist akath yard, and I'm starting a gatehouse.

Submitted by: Jools - 2008-09-21 to 1062 Early Spring

The carp catcher appears to have caught three milkfish and two carp, but we have yet to close the floodgates and pump the water out to retrieve the cages.

Along with our dragon, hydra, elephants, warthogs, explosion of lion cubs, more cows than we can throw a steak tartare at, hippos, donkeys, alligators, crocodiles, jaguars, chimpanzees, a pair of musoxes, the usual unstoppable horde of cats and a white-handed gibbon, I think that makes this fortress so overloaded with animals we could probably defend it by just making goblin hordes trigger cage releases that release enough animals to suffocate our foes. And that's not to mention the Giant Tiger we've got somewhere...

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2008-09-22 to 1062 Early Spring

Tamed it :3

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-10-02 to 1063 Early Spring

The tombs to the south of the peasants quarters made me laugh.

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2008-11-09 to 1064 Early Spring

The hydra had an accident and somehow died in the drained moat. If it helps though, I captured a Bronze Colossus, not quite as good but hey. :)

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-12-15 to 1065 Early Spring

Im impressed that you lined the water ways with dressed matierial, thats a nice touch.

Also I like the tenaments all stacked up like that, the sheer amount makes it charming somehow.

Submitted by: Keldor - 2008-12-15 to 1065 Early Spring

Hehe, the waterways are mostly lined to prevent random mining projects from flooding half the fortress (again). The bottom of the moat is also paved for good measure, and to stop dwarves from grumbling about the water trickling in through the ceiling. This latter purpose has mostly failed. Damn swamp.

Submitted by: magic dwarf - 2009-01-31 to 1067 Early Spring

has it been 15years already?
well, the Abbey looks like it's almost finished.

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2009-02-01 to 1067 Early Spring

The skeleton of the Abbey is, but it needs a fair bit of roofing and outer-walling yet. The of course someone needs to decide what to do inside, as other than the Sacrificial Pit there isn't anything there - there are still even grass and trees going on the inside!

Submitted by: WorMzy - 2009-04-08 to 1069 Early Spring

Very impressive! :O

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-05-16 to 1069 Early Spring

When Keldor manages to finish his turn, we'll have been twenty years stuck in this godawful swamp.

Submitted by: [deleted] - 2009-05-20 to 1063 Early Spring


I nearly died laughing.

Submitted by: Keldor - 2009-05-27 to 1069 Early Spring

No, only 19 years, since the fortress was founded in the beginning of 1051, and it'll be 1070 at the end of my turn.

Submitted by: Maggarg - 2009-06-26 to 1070 Early Spring

Gotta love that ballista.
has it ever been fired?

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2009-07-02 to 1070 Early Spring

Not sure, I don't think I did. I don't really use siege engines at all but I was under the impression they only really work on the same z-level as target - so I had always thought it would never hit anything anyway, as it's on the first floor! :)

Submitted by: AnandyWam - 2009-08-25 to 1061 Early Spring

Good afternoon!
signature: order nexium

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2009-08-26 to 1069 Early Spring

Is this a spammer which I see before me, the drugs toward the sig?

Submitted by: Kazindir - 2009-09-16 to 1071 Early Spring

1071. I think that makes it 20years. :)

Looking at the first few maps made me quite nostalgic - and the fortress is still surprisingly recognisable in places, although vastly huger now. Hurray for oval walls!

Submitted by: ClsfdKidd - 2010-01-08 to 1062 Early Spring

Oval moat FTW!

Submitted by: Caressa - 2010-03-02 to 1072 Early Spring

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