Lashpools - 207 Early Spring by Nesoo

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We finally managed to stop our last wagon before it, too, was lost; in this case, it would have gone over a cliff rather than just being lost in the woods. I don't know what spooked the animals, but we should be plenty far from whatever it was by now. Armok willing, the stout dwarves with the other wagons are far away from it as well.

Looking over our supplies, it is painfully obvious that we won't have enough food to make it back to the mountainhomes, but we should do fine for a season. We have several picks and axes and a wide variety of skills, and even some cowardly mutts that managed to keep up with us. I think we could actually found a new fortress here!

The question is, how should we plan it out?

Point of Interest: Wagon

- Nesoo

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

That's a remarkable map you've got there - very dwarfy. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

Submitted by: Drone- - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

Yeah, those are some surprisingly steep cliffs.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

Steep cliffs are the best.

Was that "how should we plan it out?" directed to all of us here?

Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

Could make a mighty high tower from the bottom level.
Sad about the lack of glass, though. Glass is very nice with water, yes it is.

Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

Terraform it so the cliff is completely vertical, then build your city against it (on the inside of course). would be better with glass, but i guess you could make gem windows.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-11-06 to 207 Early Spring

I'm thinking Echus Overlook, definitely. As sneaky says, an entire city built just inside the cliff edge, it would be cool.

Submitted by: sneb84 - 2008-11-08 to 207 Early Spring

oooo build a tower in the little patch of land sticking out on z-level 18 you could make a sweet bridge to it and that could be your enterance to the fort thats built into the cliff.

Submitted by: Nesoo - 2008-11-09 to 207 Early Spring

Oh, yeah, there was supposed to be some community involvement... I forgot to update the entry with a link to the forum post.

And... gem windows! Sneakypete, you're a genius!

[Message edited on 2008/11/09 at 07:36 by Nesoo]

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-10 to 207 Early Spring

I think you should divert the river over the edge and make a lake. But that's just because I like water projects.

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