Cavernsmiths - 206 Mid Autumn by Drone

Map Description:

Second Goblin siege and was dispatched with, with 2 casualties (A champion who ran round the corner into a group of archers, and one of my Militia who was hit by a bolt). The height of the tower of the tower has stalled due to no need in space. Block production has stopped and food production has stablised. Underground tree farm is almost complete and the new farms are waiting for flooding.

Point of Interest: Disused catapults

They aren't used and never will be. I built them because they looked nice. - Drone

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-10-23 to 202 Mid Autumn

Where are you getting your stone from?

Submitted by: Drone - 2008-10-23 to 202 Mid Autumn

Theres a Quarry just to the north, It goes down several Z levels. That's mainly why the top level (the only one visible in this) Is completely devoid of stone.

Submitted by: Caranha - 2008-10-23 to 202 Mid Autumn

You should get yourself a wall... if you get attacked, it won't look pretty.

Submitted by: Drone - 2008-10-24 to 202 Mid Autumn

Goblin Ambush came, tried to get in through the trade depot entrance and ran straight into my stack of legendary wrestlers.

Goblin Bone bolts, Anyone?

Submitted by: Caranha - 2008-10-27 to 206 Mid Autumn

The tower is getting pretty high!

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-03 to 207 Mid Autumn

You mentioned a statue people live in... I am greatly intrigued by this.

Submitted by: Drone - 2008-11-03 to 207 Mid Autumn

Yeah, I kinda want to build some giant monument. But I'm not sure what. Currently I'm thinking of building a giant sword or something and then dividing it up into rooms. What I've started so far is "The Project" So it hasn't started very well.

Failing that, A Giant lava-cast obsidian Monolith. With smoothed walls. And stuff.

Edit: Hey I know, I'll make all these useless metals into blocks and forge a GIANT SWORD with golden statues on to symbolise those lost in battle defending the great Cavarnsmiths.

Also will give me some peasants to draft. Hopefully.

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