Whipgranite - 1057 by rewolf31

Map Description:

1057... suffering slightly after two years of Goblin siege, Whipgranite begins to slowly fortify its defences, and at the same time, probe deeper into the mysterious mountain...

...A wise decision?

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-10 to 1057

You should put a clothing store on the corner of that cloth/silk/leather stockpile (if you ever go for the economy)...

Will this canal be even grander then the last one? ^_^

Submitted by: rewolf31 - 2007-07-11 to 1057

Oh yeah it will be. I think I'll make a promenade along a length of the canal, with chairs tables and shops and statues and stuff :D

Submitted by: ScatmanJohn - 2007-07-15 to 1057

I really dig the design of the area between outside and the river. What are you going to place there? Barracks?

Submitted by: SooperNoob - 2007-07-15 to 1057

I too am interested by the outside-to-river "defenses". As for your logistics (or attempt at such) with the food, you left out 1/4th of the process... moving the processed food to the consumer (the dwarves in this case, obviously.) Still, it looks nice, most likely better then anything I'll be able to come up with for months.

Submitted by: Anxiety - 2007-07-16 to 1057

I really like the "all major hallways are actually channels for floody goodness" feature. Way cool.

Submitted by: Anxiety - 2007-07-16 to 1057

Bah! Spoke too soon. I'd only seen the lowerish half of the fort. What I thought it was is still awesome.

Submitted by: BridgeBurner - 2007-07-16 to 1057

I love the shop placed in the twisty defense hallway at the front.

"Hey Gorumukak, sieging dorfs boring. Hey, look shiny GAP store!...Hey...you hear sound like water?"

Submitted by: rewolf31 - 2007-07-16 to 1057

LOL thanks for the comments.

The outside to river pathway(s) are designed to maximise the length of time it gets to the main fort whilst keeping it accessable. It's also designed so that it can be manned on both sides by marksdwarves, who would have a lot of time to shoot down any intruders.

Submitted by: rewolf31 - 2007-07-16 to 1057

Anyway, there's also room for a few ballistae. The central entracne to the central defences is also designed in this way, destined to be a mini-fort in itself if needs' be. It will contain mostly ammo/armour/weapon stores and a barracks, and perhaps a small amount of food.

Submitted by: Wang Commander - 2007-07-17 to 1059

I like the big architecture, the entrance looks like a real murder factory. How's the military here?

Submitted by: rewolf31 - 2007-07-17 to 1059

The military sucks. I only have marksdwarves (drafted trapperdwarves), and my first 5 squads got massacred defending the fort in the 2nd goblin siege. At the moment, we have recouperated a bit and are at 2 squads of 3 and 5 dwarves respectively.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-19 to 1059

That's a huge amount of stone you've shifted. Those warehouses are huuuage!

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