Hammerwalls - 283 Early Autumn by Alex Encandar

Map Description:

Hammerwalls, founded in the year 250, is a fortress situated on the shores of a tropical ocean and is intended to be entirely detatched from the mainland.

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Submitted by: sneakeypete - 2008-09-28 to 283 Early Autumn

Something doesn't seem right... you forgot z level #18 ;)

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-09-29 to 283 Early Autumn

Yeah hehe, I mentioned that on the forum post.

There's nothing there really, it's just open water...well now it's a largely water-free plateau :D

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-09-30 to 283 Early Autumn

When do the pumps get turned on? :)

Can you do a video of it?

Submitted by: Alex Encandar - 2008-10-06 to 283 Early Autumn

I probably could, I'll look into just how to do it.

I've been delayed slightly by two exams and a major paper I have to write. I would say 70% of the outer wall is up, the pumps drain my FPS faster than they drain the ocean so it's taking a while.

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You can download the compressed map file: 2008-09/alexencandar-Hammerwalls-region2-283-20720.fdf-map but you will need the .NET version of SL's DF Map Compressor to convert to the .PNG image format.