Steelfortress - 50 Early Summer by Sphr

Map Description:

Project Skynet
Phase 1 is almost complete and almost the whole of the valley area is under Skynet.

There was an accident however, where one tower was linked to network before the drawbridges were linked and raised. A goblin ambush got in due to carelessness of the guards (went somewhere to get provision/fill waterskin...) The result was bloody, but fortunately, no dwarves was hurt, though 2 pets died. All the goblins died and their blood smear the sky bridges. Other than this accident, skynet with markdwarves patrolling the walkways successfully handled many more thieving and ambush attempts almost as soon as the hostiles were detected by ground creatures (usually pets).

However, the project now faced another problem. So far, over 6000 granite blocks are used by Skynet. But from the estimation so far, I'll need at least another 2 times more to cover the mountainous regions and perhaps 2 times more to "touch up" the walkways, or introduce a raised highway for trading wagons. It would seem that depending on stone mined in the process of fotress digging is not enough. Explicit stone mining may be required...

Point of Interest: Skynet - current coverage

The valley is almost done. But I will need more stones to bring the rest under the "death from above" project. - Sphr

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Submitted by: mattmoss - 2008-08-08 to 43 Mid Summer

I like the layout of a number of areas around the fort, and your technique (undiggable dig designations) to help lay things out is a good idea.
I like the look you get by leaving extra space between groups of rooms: makes everything seem more solid. :)

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-08 to 43 Mid Summer

Mmm, agreed, it does make for a good looking fortress layout with the rooms like that. ("I'll consider stealing it" :) )

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-08-08 to 43 Mid Summer

Haha, I like the luxury jails.

Also the masonry setup is a really good idea.

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Submitted by: mastiffe - 2008-08-11 to 44 Late Spring

I have a pretty decent tileset, but this is... amazing... can master teach grasshopper? which tilesets are you using, and where can i get them? it looks like a combo of DFG and something else...

Submitted by: Sphr - 2008-08-11 to 44 Late Spring

I was rather surprised how it turns out... in that there seems to be no evidence of ASCII roots at all... :)

It started out based on SL's tileset (available on wiki) which in turns uses Guybrush and Flying Mage. I started to replace many tiles including a lot borrowed from Red Jack's. Most of modified, some are my original work...

I've put it up the set I'm using (it's still WIP I guess) on my wiki page here

Submitted by: Jano - 2008-08-11 to 44 Late Spring

Sphr, didnt think this was worth adding to your post on ASCII - Graphics, but is there any chance youd share the World token for this fortress? Ive not seen this nice a combo of features in my last 10 large worlds.

Submitted by: Sphr - 2008-08-12 to 44 Late Spring

pardon my ignorance... what's a World Token?

I generate this using some values from a worldgen cookbook in the forums, but changed quite a few values and used the site finder to find a site. I also did something evil and changed sandy loam to sand coz I realised 2 game years down playing that I did not check that sand is available with I used site finder, but didn't want to restart just because of that.

So where can I get you what you want?

Submitted by: Jano - 2008-08-12 to 44 Late Spring

Its just a term I came across on the wiki, in older versions Id have asked for a seed. Now ,with all these other variables, a "token" refers to the advanced parameters required to generate a site.

Submitted by: Sphr - 2008-08-12 to 44 Early Winter

Is this what you want?

Submitted by: Jano - 2008-08-12 to 44 Early Winter

Sphr, thanks, thats spot on what I was looking for. I've gone from Finder not finding a single magma pipe in an entire world to having dozens of vents all over the place.

Submitted by: w4ldf33 - 2008-08-18 to 46 Early Summer

Damn i love that fortress layout and your tileset :).
Could you provide a pic of your starting location on the worldmap?

Submitted by: Sphr - 2008-08-18 to 46 Early Summer

I am slightly ashamed to say that I've been totally spoilt by the new auto site finder. So spoilt, that I completely didn't take notice of where I started the map.... Is it actually stored somewhere?

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-08-19 to 46 Early Summer

Such a great fortress... nice work Sphr :)

Submitted by: Blackcat - 2008-08-28 to 43 Mid Summer

Awesome modular layout, so much so that I've started using it.

Submitted by: Blackcat - 2008-08-31 to 48 Early Winter

Skynet. That's an awesome project.

Submitted by: Erathoniel - 2008-12-04 to 50 Early Summer

Skynet will take over the world! You've given me an idea...

Submitted by: SkulkingFilth - 2009-03-11 to 50 Early Summer

What an overwhelming engineering project :O I never thought of building skybridges. Gonna teach this tech to my dwarves =)

Submitted by: Veldar - 2011-08-03 to 50 Early Summer

I used the layout of ur entryhall, living quarters and forges, that ok?

not that it changes alot, just wanted to let u know i love the layouts :)

i like the idea of skynet, too bad my map's too small and i don't understand anything about the new military system :/

btw, check Flarechannel's fort, it's awesome ;D

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