Swordraven - 108 Mid Autumn by Lightning4

Map Description:

It has been 4 years since the last update on the outdoor town/castle Swordraven.

Construction of the dolomite block walls is well under way, and the foundation for the grand dolomite castle is in place. In addition, my dwarves finally have someplace they can live, an apartment complex was finally created after having the poor little workers sleep in the cramped, crowded, bloody barracks all the time.
The third floor remains unfinished, sadly... as I am foolishly trying to pursue peace with the elves. Their damned treefell caps are getting annoying, I may start blowing them off.

The population cap has finally been reached, there are 205 dwarves overall living in Swordraven now.

It's been eerily quiet. There hasn't been much goblin activity as of late, with one single ambush squad striking a couple seasons ago. I'm certain this will change.

Point of Interest: Town Center

Eventually there'll be a fountain or statue or something here, in a large courtyard. As you can see, that's currently not true. The only thing of note here is the Inn. - Lightning4

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Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2008-09-07 to 108 Mid Autumn

That is a nice fort you have got there.

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