Buketmorul - 1055 Late Autumn by Yonder

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Well it's been a big year. In some ways I have done a very large amount, in some ways I have done very little at all. As far as square footage is concerned, I have roughly doubled the size of my fortress, however I have not yet moved any of my infastructure over the river, although I expect that to be nearly complete by the end of the winter, when much more of my population is available for hauling and construction.

I have started trying to plan ahead, not building for now, but sizing things at a size large enough that they will serve for the remainder of my fortresses life. This is evident in my switch to 6 wide hallways, as well as the (probably much to big) 20x20 farming room.

The farm is surrounded by what will soon be stockpiles, and all farm related workshops, I placed it centrally because so much of fortress life revolves around food. Because of it's size and central location I placed plenty of doors in it so that it would not obstruct transportation to and from the workshops and food stockpiles. I am aware that this is an enormous flood hazard, and it makes me nervous, but I only need to flood once a year, and I will be very careful. The doors are all pet proof, and once winter hits I will lock all the doors on one side. Once it can no longer be used as a path there should be no reason to enter it, once it is empty all doors will be locked, and it will be ready for spring. That's the plan anyways.

To the left of the farm, across the hall, are two long rooms separated by a channel. That will be my barracks, with it's walls changed to fortifications. (I plan on making a bridge, 1 wide, along the length of the fortifications which can be raised to seal off seasonal floods, although this is just to be nice to the guards, because I'm not sure there are any downsides to them getting wet. Everything to the left of that will be a tree farm.

As you can see the bedroom situation is still dismal (especially for my 4 new nobles). Shortly last years pic I had added about ten beds in the leftmost area of my fortress. But somehow that isn't enough for my 60+ dwarves. I have not yet rectified this situation because the legendary dining hall, abundance of booze, cooked meals of increasing quality, and a growing abundance of admiration worthy items scattered throughout the fortress has kept everyone (I've noticed) above a content level. Generally anyone with a real room is ecstatic.

Several random events took up the time and energy of the fortress, setting us back for than we otherwise would have been. First was the extensive design, construction, and installation of my garbage disposal system, a complete failure which you can read about in my earlier post about this fortress. In addition there were several strange moods my fortress was completely unprepared for. Building a jewelery workshop was a simple task, however setting up a smelting operation was more difficult (many metals were smelted before I stumbled across the one he wanted).

I am currently trying to get some sand together and make some glass for a strange mood metalsmith who wants rough color and has ignored all of my rough gems (after a month long ordeal to get a rose quartz, which she likes. This same dwarf also wants cloth or thread. I have everything but rope reed thread and pigtail thread, so I have a miniature farm that I hope will get me some pig tail before winter. If it is rope reed thread she wants she'll have to wait until summer, I hope she does wait that long.

As you can see, all of these workshops that I had to rapidly construct are outside my front door. This especially worries me because my current strange mood dwarf is a mother of a baby, who has been with her all this time. She has been rained on, and snowed on. I hope she doesn't get cold and die. I also hope that if I fail to get her these items she lets go of the baby before she jumps in the river. I should probably try to find out who the dad is before that happens.

In other news one other baby has been born to our fortress. Death over the past year are a dog, torn apart by wolves, and two stray kittens. Foolishly sitting on a bridge on the 8th day of the first month of spring.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-02 to 1054 Late Autumn

Do you have a shared barracks for dwarves without bedrooms? Are you planning one?

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