Buketmorul - 1055 by Yonder

Map Description:

This is my ingenious Garbage Disposal Unit, unfortunately it is a complete failure. First I will tell you how it was supposed to work, then I will tell you how it actually did work.

The water will always be running through the channel. The idea is that you put stuff in the refuse pile, and when it begins producing miasma you flush it into the river, leaving the stockpile empty to begin again. First you pull a lever to raise the two 5x1 bridges, sealing the water in from those directions. Then you pull a lever to open all three floodgates (three floodgates to increase the chances of the flood event propelling the refuse outwards, in case it's probability based). The refuse is then flushed to the leftover the bridge, and into the river where it is swept away, never to bother anyone again. Then, you raise the 3x5 bridge (raises to the right) cutting off the water flow, allowing you to drain the garbage disposal. Then when you close the drawbridge, the crush-anything-might of the drawbridge will revert the shore tiles to their original, non-flooded form.

Now this plan relied on two game dynamics I wasn't sure existed, unfortunately neither of them do. The first is the hope that there is a chance of a (non-seasonal) flood pushing objects. Well it seems like that is the case, and that chance is ZERO. That of course makes the whole premise this thing is based on absolutely worthless. The second thing is that the bridge falling doesn't instantaneously revert the tiles to their original, non-flooded state. Thus, while you could (although it was a bit tricky) drain the majority of the disposal, everything to the left of the bridge stayed flooded, and when you lowered the bridge, instead of resetting completely, the flood spread rightwards (where you could once again seal and drain it). This may have been avoidable by not having any shore underneath the bridge (as it was there was one piece that jutted past the edge). However I am not positive of that, and since the primary assumption of the disposal unit was disproven there is not reason for me to continue testing.

Even though this thing didn't work I thought it was a pretty sweet idea, and I'm still proud of it and wanted to upload it.

EDIT: In hindsight it's obvious that little spigot of land below the big bridge would cause a permaflood, and if I had made the bottom bridge one wider and covered it up then the bridge may have indeed squished the flood, I am not going to fix that though because, as mentioned, the primary requirement of the system isn't there.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-02 to 1054 Late Autumn

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