Steelmaster - 133 Mid Spring by metasynthetic

Map Description:

The waterworks is fully excavated, now I just need to finish installing floodgates and controls. I hear that either running water or chopping towercaps can somehow create sand tiles, with any luck I'll get some so my starting glassmaker isn't useless. (Well, not useless, he's got some truly badass stats from being a triple legendary miner-herbalist-recordkeeper.)

Also, legendary weaponsmith! Thank god I had better luck with this one. An immigrant got a fey mood, though I didn't notice until she already claimed a workshop, and wasn't able to forbid all non-steel. Oh well. Her favorite metal is rose gold, so she's now the proud creator of a pink spear.

God, there are so many avenues for innuendo with that that I don't know where to begin.

Point of Interest: Entrance hall

( 133 Mid Spring → onwards )

- metasynthetic

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

A rose gold spear? Ooh, I'd kill for one of those! What was it called?

Submitted by: metasynthetic - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

"Palacemountain". Relatively sensible, actually.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-12 to 133 Mid Summer

You learn something new every day, and today's something is "Boustrophedon". :) That's some serious metalworking setup you've got there.

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