Steelmaster - 132 Early Spring by metasynthetic

Map Description:

Progress continues. Almost all operations have been moved into the permanent fortress. The metalworks has been dug, with magma workshops under construction. Unfortunately I have yet to find a single iron vein, so I'm stuck with my starting anvil. I requested a bunch of metal from the caravan, hopefully they come through.

All the new digging has revealed that this location has an amazing variety of colored stones: bauxite, cinnabar, orthoclase, gypsum, kimberlite, microcline, and olivine. I've never had such selection.

Unfortunately, the flip side is that it seems to be very ore poor. All I've found is some gold, and a smattering of copper, aluminum, and platinum. Good for trade, bad for military. Once I get the metalworks active I'm going to start exploring the sedimentary layers to hopefully find some magnetite clusters.

I've also started work on the sewer system. Right now the plans are laid for the moat, depot flooder, and waterfalls. Once those are up, the next step is vast towercap farming chambers.

I've also had several more moods, unfortunately all were possessions. Including my starting weaponsmith! Argh. He made a copper axe, with 2 gold and 1 stone decorations. Copper, sigh, this was doubly disappointing.

One of the golden decorations references the founding of another dwarven fortress, and one of them describes when one of my named wardogs killed a kobold thief. The axe is named "Screamedfangs", pretty appropriate I think.

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

A rose gold spear? Ooh, I'd kill for one of those! What was it called?

Submitted by: metasynthetic - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

"Palacemountain". Relatively sensible, actually.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-12 to 133 Mid Summer

You learn something new every day, and today's something is "Boustrophedon". :) That's some serious metalworking setup you've got there.

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