Steelmaster - 131 Early Summer by metasynthetic

Map Description:

The first immigrant wave arrived, now I have 27 dwarves. I drafted 3 new miners, one being a former dyer that had had a successful fey mood after arrival and became a legendary engraver (meh). The core of the fortress is taking shape quickly.

I've also found all of the map features except for the adamantine. The operation to trap the cave river was a success, I built floor tiles across the chasm there and have a raisable drawbridge in place to act as a valve for later water projects. Still need to excavate workshop and stockpile space in the main fortress. I've got a fair bit of gold bars from a surface vein stockpiled for trading with the next caravan.

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Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

A rose gold spear? Ooh, I'd kill for one of those! What was it called?

Submitted by: metasynthetic - 2008-08-11 to 133 Mid Spring

"Palacemountain". Relatively sensible, actually.

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-08-12 to 133 Mid Summer

You learn something new every day, and today's something is "Boustrophedon". :) That's some serious metalworking setup you've got there.

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