Paperscrapes - 207 Early Spring by Mechanoid

Map Description:

Paperscrapes begun almost as soon as the latest version was released. Cheaty-dwarves are used, but obviously due to a lack of Adjust Start, i'm getting the dwarven population up the old fassioned way, assuming they arn't spending their time in the workshops. Child cap limited to 10 and 100%.
Current population is at 39; only one dwarf has matured from a child to peasant. Fortress value is estimated to be 0.45 million.

Point of Interest: Fortress Spiral Entrance

( 207 Early Spring → onwards )

10 levels of dwarven engineering, strait down. - Mechanoid

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Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

Wow this fort is amazing. Why are the open areas indoors a dark blue color?

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

The init setting for the 'chasm' (distance to floor >1 z-level) graphic was changed to [CHASM:178:0:1:0] which is basically just a copy of the sky graphic, and a change in color. Just wait when i post the next one, which will have windows and a completed industry area; it'll look really awsome.

Oh, and the tower to the right of the entrance will likely be removed, and replaced with smaller, more circular towers. Probably filled with a self-contained water supply for misting guests... And enhance the lackluster defense. (Oh wow, an entrance that goes right into the main hallway! GENIOUS!!! //sarcasm)

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

Oh, did i mention this map has ROCK CRYSTALS?


Submitted by: A_Fey_Dwarf - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

I usually use Sean Mirrsen's mineral mod, so rock crystals are never a problem as their frequency is increased. Thanks for the info about the indoor sky thing.

Submitted by: Mechanoid - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

ATTN: This map has suffered from "Newer, more awsome version" itis.
As well, revealing the map showed that there were only some 200 units of ore, divided between, platinum, nickel, tin, zinc, and bismuth.
Absolutely NO military metals, at all.


Submitted by: Diabl0658 - 2008-07-23 to 207 Early Spring

you could rough it and go with only wooden crossbows and leather armor.

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