Tombcult - 55 Late Spring by Syanide

Map Description:

Wanted to start a new fortress in 39c since I got a bit bored of my old ones.

I have recently finished the necessities and am moving on to more fun stuff, just need to figure out what to do.

The fort is running at around 90 dwarves at the moment with 5 years of history.

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Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-07-20 to 55 Late Spring

Very nice, i love your entrance and your housing complex just looks really great.
How many years are you in?

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-07-20 to 55 Late Spring

The fort was founded in the spring of year 50 so 5th year. (Thanks for reminding me that was missing so added it to the info :P)

Submitted by: Doppel - 2008-07-20 to 55 Late Spring

No prob :) Didn't realize you were still editing your entry. Also really like the tombs btw. Nice symetry

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-07-20 to 55 Late Spring

Yeah, had to learn how to use this site while I was at it :p.

Thanks, I myself prefer looks over efficiency for pretty much everything I do in df.

Submitted by: Lacero - 2008-07-20 to 55 Late Spring

Beautiful :)

Submitted by: Hyfrydle - 2008-07-21 to 55 Late Spring

Hi what tileset and graphic set are you using love the design by the way will be checking on this one.

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-07-21 to 55 Late Spring

It's actually Mike Mayday tileset, available at .

There's a couple of problems when I switched to 39c but it works for me. While I wait for Mayday to release a version for 39c at least.

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-07-30 to 60 Early Spring

If anyone has any ideas of what to build next (with marble). I'd appreciate them.

Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-07-31 to 60 Early Spring

Build two 4x6 guard towers either side of the marble gates that are at least as tall as the gates with fairytail spires and crenulations... then create a deep wall betweem them and the gates, and divert the river maybe?

The kings cross is most impressive.

[Message edited on 2008/07/31 at 08:50 by Markavian]

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-08-02 to 60 Early Spring

Thank you Markavian for your suggestions, I have begun draining the river to reroute it at a later time and to make room for guard towers. This will make a couple of years go flying past again :).

Submitted by: Ambivalence - 2008-09-24 to 63 Early Autumn

Nice fort, that entrance is very stylish.

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-09-25 to 63 Early Autumn


In other news, the fort died to starvation yesterday :(. I have begun constructing another fortress on a different location on the same map so this one shall be frozen for quite some time.

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-26 to 63 Early Autumn

Apart from the starvation, should you come back to this fortress:

I am a big fan of the king's cross. I think the hallways to his rooms are a bit lengthy and the magma down there is cool, but I worry about the magma pressure from the volcano.

Speaking of volcano, statue park? arena?

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