Ectosack - 1067 Early Spring by Unbeltedsundew

Map Description:

Here I am a few years later. I'm still cleaning up after the collapse ( a bunch of ledges and whatnot stuck to walls and pillars). I've started to move my military into the rooms up near the depot and have gotten most of the temporay things out of the main hall, most importantly my wood burning and glass making setups.

Except the new version should be realesed today or tommorow and while I'd like to continue this fortress (at least to get the plumbing up and running) I'd prefer to do it in a world I'm going to spend a while in more. So most likely I'll leavce the save for later and move on to toady's new stuff :D

Point of Interest: Entrance

Well there is far less puke and blood here then normal, its your lucky day!

I think for my next fortress Im going to put the cage traps scattered throughout the wilderness they are just way too powerful in this set up. I think also I'll limit myself to pressure plates or other mechanical traps rather then stonefall or weapon traps, it just seems silly when hundreds of goblins start running away after seeing only a few of their comrade minced up in doomsday mechanisims.

That said I'm not too keen on the military for defence either, probably cause they run around like dolts and get shot up or hacked apart after running off alone. - Unbeltedsundew

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-07-04 to 1058 Mid Spring

40 dwarfs dead in construction alone... the catheralesc room is most impressive, as are the other areas of the fort.

Submitted by: Lacero - 2008-07-05 to 1063 Early Spring

This is awesome. I think lassie has survived by not being anywhere near the hammerer or the cave in :)

Submitted by: Unbeltedsundew - 2008-12-15 to 1067 Early Spring

Wow, I was surprised to see one of my maps on the list of cool things. I'm definitely in superior company! Looking back on this map it's got a lot of features I'd like to return to, particularly the fire suppresion system in the food stores... Sadly I misplaced this save I think, so I guess ill have to do it in a new fort.

Submitted by: Jebraltix - 2009-02-01 to 1067 Early Spring

The cathedral is cool, it looks like a giant plane

Submitted by: Aldaris - 2009-03-01 to 1055 Late Summer

Now THAT is a mountain hall.

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