SeaBreaker The Town of Fortune - 1059 Late Autumn by Analfish

Map Description:

This town was inspired by another sea fort on this site. It is currently at over 60000 constructs and I still have more plans to go. Which is part of the reason I am posting. I hope to get some feedback and suggestions. Now for the goals.

I have 4 goals at the moment for the empty land in the middle and in the northern section.

1. Build a lighthouse
2. Build a church
3. Build a graveyard that flows fits with the church.
4. Possibly build a small keep

Any suggestions on how to divide up the land or any other suggestions about what to build would be great.

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Submitted by: Yojimbo - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

I am filled with awe.... that looks fantastic. All that in just 9 years? I am impressed. I love the symmetry and clean lines. Looks like a truly well planned town (whereas mine kind of just spread out and around as needs came about). The sewer system is epic.

Submitted by: Yojimbo - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

Where did all the stone/wood come from? Are you using an editor to plan out your stuff? Just curious.
Also...I would leave the central gardens as is, they look very nice. Maybe a few statues but not a meeting area, dont want the pretty grass getting all trampled.
Every bustling trade town needs a nice clock tower.

Submitted by: Narushima - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

Wooden boats on the water ?! I don't really see anything that lacks. Piers, maybe ?

Submitted by: Narushima - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

OK you had it scheduled. Sorry.

Submitted by: Analfish - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

Oh a clock tower, I like that.

Submitted by: Analfish - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

As for your question Yojimbo. I cheated by using reactions for the wood and stone, also my gnomes were set to [Speed:0]. I am more interested in building than I am anything else.

Submitted by: Yojimbo - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

Ah... that would explain it. You had me feeling a little inadequate with your building speed. Takes nothing away from your superior design/layout though.

Also noticed that your outer defenses have no arrow slits for which to pelt the goblin miscreants with. Intentional?


Submitted by: Analfish - 2008-06-14 to 1059 Late Autumn

I just had just finished building the towers and forgot to put the slits in before taking the pictures, no big deal. I use the age of shadows mod, so instead of goblins I get demons.

Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-06-16 to 1059 Late Autumn

A very nice looking town indeed. Nice and uniform, beautiful shaping... If though I do find it a bit odd that I don't see any doors?

Anyways, for suggestions on what you should build, I would suggest utilizing that nice sea by making a small beach area for your gnomes. If you're looking for a tall building project, you could build an observatory tower with a crystal glass lense (somthing i've always wanted to do but seem to be handicapped using glass).

Submitted by: Rekhyt - 2008-06-16 to 1059 Late Autumn

ill help with the lighthouse and the church
if you let me.oh and bloddy awesome fort...

Submitted by: THLawrence - 2008-08-02 to 1059 Late Autumn

Use Tweak or Dwarf Companion to put something under the towers and where the docks will be. Just so they aren't hanging there.

Submitted by: Syanide - 2008-08-02 to 1059 Late Autumn

A truly awe inspiring fort you got there, makes me want to build an above ground city as well.

You also need a moat, any self respecting town should have a moat.

Submitted by: Ravus - 2008-08-04 to 1059 Late Autumn

So much construction, so few people...


Submitted by: GoreTaco - 2008-08-06 to 1059 Late Autumn

You sir have acquired more babies than any dark fortress could ever amount to.

Submitted by: Savok - 2008-12-31 to 1059 Late Autumn

I would love to see this in 3Dwarf.

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