Knifepines - 1055 Late Winter by Savok

Map Description:

The description of the map is contained in the points of interest.

17 drink, 17 hundred prepared meals. Still 50 popcap.

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Point of Interest: The Glorious Hall

Well... not really. That's the intended result, though.
As the three lines of wall indicate, this is the third floor. There are two floors above and two below. Eventually, there will be a lot of open space, where there is no floor, but I haven't planned that far ahead. The walls will all be constructed.
I finally have stone.
(before this, I hadn't mined out any stone, except one ore vein and a little stone around that vein for mechanisms)
The one thing I have planned is a 5x5 magma pit on the fifth (bottom) floor. - Savok

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-06-12 to 1056 Mid Winter

Nice way of naming the levels of your glorious hall.

Submitted by: Savok - 2008-06-13 to 1056 Mid Winter

Thanks, but it was just a temporary marker for when I was doing the designations. If I had a much huger hall (read: if I had space) I would probably do an ornate roman numeral style floor labeling system.

Submitted by: Tyrving - 2008-06-14 to 1057 Late Autumn

That 'typical bridge' isn't a bridge at all, is it? It's just constructed walls and floors! Pretty sneaky trick.

Submitted by: Savok - 2008-06-14 to 1057 Late Autumn

Aye. I've got to include a few of those things in bloodlines.
*hands cookie*

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