Noseblockades - 1054 Early Summer by Gretyl

Map Description:

The Bold Buttery Flames of Buttocks establish themselves in these cliffs. They embarked in search of riches, glory and fart-lighting solitude in the spring of 1054.

Point of Interest: Main Gate

- Gretyl

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Submitted by: Boethiah - 2008-06-07 to 1054 Early Summer

Seems very... cramped. I hope your dwarves dont have claustrophobia.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-06-15 to 1056 Mid Spring

I am watching this fort with keen interest.
Take heed of Boethiah's words- wider corridors make for efficient dwarves.

Submitted by: Charrat - 2008-06-17 to 1056 Mid Winter

Very Spartan layout! The air vent gave me a giggle.

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