Bodicekissed - 1076 by yayo

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-07-05 to 1086

I presume you are going to unflood the cemetary at some point? I prefer my dwarven tombs to be cold bleak and barren with deep and epic engravings of great battles and cave lobsters.

Submitted by: yayo - 2007-07-05 to 1086

ah, yeah, of course. : )
This picture was just to show the amount of the floodable area of my fort. The floodgate was closed right after I saved this picture.

I got the idea of a flooded cemetery to help the trees productions, while I was out of wood and the underground forest was still too little to be affordable. That ground was almost unused, so...

At the present time the underground forest is big enough to not require the use of the cemetery.

Anyway, I still like the idea of trees around the tombs. : P

I just wonder how much time will require that mud to be cleaned.. that yellow is a fist in the eyes. >_>


Submitted by: schm0 - 2007-09-05 to 1091 Mid Autumn

Always a shame when a fortress is lost to the FPS demon.

Submitted by: yayo - 2007-09-05 to 1091 Mid Autumn

Thanks schm0. (^^)
yeah, it's sad. All that time spent on it.. sigh.. (TT)

Anyway, a last note just out of curiosity: this is probably not the oldest fort, but it's quite old.
According to what Toady said me in IRC, every time you start a new fort the starting year rises up one unit, and having made 2 attempts before than this I can say I started this one in the year 1052 (the 1st starts in 1050).
Being this map of year 1091, it means that it's a 39 years old fort!


correction: watching at the legends after closing the fort, I see 5 forts listed, not 3. I really can't remember them. but this is.
So this drop down the age of bodice from 39 to 37.
weird.. I'm getting old too.. >_>
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Submitted by: Markavian - 2007-09-06 to 1091 Mid Autumn

They moved the tilesets, use this link to find yayo's Tunur tilset.

Hey yayo, neat tileset! Cool perma wave by the way.
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