The Dull Point of Boredom - 1055 Early Spring by GreyMario

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Four years and still going strong!

I've finally started picking up with more secretive and fewer possession moods... the most recent is a child who is gonna turn into a legendary woodcrafter. Also, tree farm expanded and double-engraved my noble rooms, and engraved some lines in my commoner rooms for happy dwarves.

Point of Interest: The Dull Hammer of Boredom

( 1055 Early Spring → 1055 Late Winter )

We're still chugging along on this quite nicely, it's starting to reach ground level. - GreyMario

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Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-05-01 to 1053 Early Spring

I like the entrance. All of those white tiles are clear glass, or smoothed rock?

Submitted by: GreyMario - 2008-05-01 to 1053 Early Spring

Smoothed rock.

Clear glass is blue, crystal glass is white.

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Submitted by: Markavian - 2008-05-02 to 1053 Early Spring

Why would you build a clear glass / crystal glass interior wall facing rock?

Submitted by: GreyMario - 2008-05-03 to 1053 Early Spring

Markavian: glass is totally not seethrough when used as a wall.

Submitted by: GreyMario - 2008-05-11 to 1055 Early Spring

Operation Smooth the World is chugging along nicely too.

Submitted by: Cheshire Cat - 2008-09-21 to 1055 Early Spring

holy crap! operation smooth the world indeed. that is an idea for leveling engravers i have never come up with. also, it surprises me how so much of your stuff is outside... i tend to relocate everything underground within the first 2 years...

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