Oceanbled-Oceanbled - 1061 Early Spring by Heavy Flak

Point of Interest: Yellow Brick Road

The original plan was to make it total basalt outside, because for some reason I've got a hard on for the stuff. After seeing a sea of gray + that was nearly as bad as the damned sand, I've decided to spice it up with designs and murals. - Heavy Flak

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Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2008-03-26 to 1053 Early Spring

Hey Could you add some PoI's to your map... I can't find the Aquaduct.

Submitted by: Fox-Of-Doom - 2008-04-03 to 1056 Early Spring

Awesome dwarf picture. The water eyes are a nice touch.

Submitted by: Dream - 2008-04-04 to 1056 Early Spring

The aquaduct is quite nice, congrads. Always wanted to build one myself.

Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2008-04-05 to 1056 Early Spring

Wow, the water eyes came out well.

Is that big open space at the edge of the Aqueduct the lake you mentioned?

Submitted by: zironic - 2008-04-06 to 1057 Early Spring

The pit of death is perfect.

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-04-06 to 1057 Early Spring

Errr... water wash system? What the hell is going on in this fortress!? Nice details :)

Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2008-04-16 to 1058 Early Spring

Oh jeeze, I don't think I've ever seen that conjunction of pictures and name work so awesome

The Greatest Enjoyment

Submitted by: ricemastah - 2008-04-21 to 1059 Early Spring

Yay for Rice's upgraded room! Thanks a lot.

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Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-05-13 to 1061 Early Spring

The above ground tower you have reminds me of greek architecture. Probably for the temple-like design and the statues outside on the higher levels.

also, It's really cool to see a progression on one's fortress.

Submitted by: Fedor - 2008-05-29 to 1062 Early Spring

I do like the accented lake and the mosaic above it. Always nice to see a fortress designed for beauty! :)

Submitted by: Markavian` - 2008-05-29 to 1062 Early Spring

The dwarf mosaic is very stylish to say the least, in great keeping with the character of the game.

Submitted by: Wirrit - 2008-06-08 to 1063 Early Spring

Not the basalt floor you wanted, hmm? It's still quite pretty. Have you considered regularizing the pattern slightly, instead of attempting any kind of change?

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-09-26 to 1065 Early Spring

Why is there an enormous hole in the earth? What are you quarrying for?

Submitted by: Dakira - 2008-11-24 to 1067 Early Spring

Quite the evil fortress, I'd like to see how Stravitch's site turns out when it's done.
Also, why is there grass growing near your magma?

Submitted by: Heavy Flak - 2008-11-25 to 1067 Early Spring


There's a bunch of grass by the magma vent thanks to some heavy amounts of tweaking/hacking. We've also got a... child stuck in some stones somewhere, size 100 goblins stomping things to death, and a random hole that's the size of most people's maps waiting to be filled up with water. Welcome to Migrursut!

Submitted by: KaelemGaen - 2009-01-28 to 1061 Early Spring

Ah playing catch up is so much fun. The fortress looks great at this point can't wait to read and see the rest. And man you'd think the Dwarven Pornographer would be rich by now. a Tiajuana Bible of Sulari and a Goblin Leader .... hmmm

Ah there it is... in 1062 in Dodik-Come-Lately's. Though it is Sulari and the soliders

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Submitted by: CrackFile - 2009-10-06 to 1070 Early Spring

Love the comment on Bomrek.

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